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We are one of the largest global consultancy service providers. Odigos offers a wide range of high-quality, customized, research-based talent consulting services.Over the years we have been serving as a catalyst in bringing together career seekers and employers from across the World.

  • aRelevant Business Knowledge, Remote Support
  • aFocus on Users and IT Staff, Cost-Effective Resources
  • aStrategic workforce planning, Office & Administrative
  • aEffective recruitment methodology, build successful teams
  • aHighest quality talent in multiple areas across the organization

High Quality Services for your Business.

Odigos specializes in recruitment & placement of qualified candidates in the IT, Media, Construction and Manufacturing industries.

01. Recruitment

Recruitment is a challenging and involved process which requires deep industry insight to target people correctly.Our experts specialist in supplying both contract and permanent staff within the Engineering and Construction Industries worldwide.

  • aSetting up of Channels
  • aHighest quality talent in multiple
  • aCost-Effective Resources

02. Broadcasting

Broadcasting is distribution of audio & video content to the audience spread or dispersed over the world through any electronic mass communication medium. Thus Odigos provides the service of broadcasting as well through which you can broadcast your audio as well as video content to the targeted dispersed audience. Methods through which Odigos provides broadcasting:

  • aTelephone Broadcasting
  • aRadio Broadcasting
  • aTelevision Broadcasting
  • aWebcasting

03. Licenses

Patent licensing primarily involved in the industrial production which basically includes machinery, medicines, and high-technologies (for example manufacturing of aircraft). Trademark licensing is largely growing segment in the customer market which includes things like T-shirt with the logo of a movie, a Mickey Mouse watch or something sports apparel with your favorite teams etc. Odigos is also in the business of providing licensing for both:

  • aPatent Licensing
  • aTrademark Licensing

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